Large CNC Machining

Large Gantry Machining Centers – CNC

These large CNC Gantry Drills are utilized when larger and thicker parts or various shapes and materials are required.  These machines are capable of drilling, milling, reaming, grooving, tapping and de-burring.  Hole drilling capabilities include up to 7″ diameters and even larger when necessary with circular interpolation and milling of hole I.D.’s.  Our “Intimidator” drills have 75 horsepower direct drive spindles.

QUICK DRILL 96″ 96″ 7″
INTIMADATOR-96 96″ 96″ 10″
INTIMADATOR-120 180″ 120″ 10″
INTIMADATOR-168 “NEW” 252″ 168″ 10″